SÓCSUC, fruit juices and smoothies

Fruit juices and smoothies in the town of Port de la Selva

Imagine arriving at our little corner of juices and fruit smoothies in the town of Port de la Selva, in Girona. SÓCSUC, a healthy establishment opened with all the excitement in 2021, where we open the doors to a world of fresh and healthy flavors, without sugar, preservatives or added water. 

Our heart is the succulent world of natural juices and smoothies, made with an exquisite selection of fruits and vegetables. Our commitment is to offer you a unique experience, which is why all our juices and smoothies are prepared on the spot, right in front of your eyes. A wave of freshness and quality that becomes tangible in every sip. 

To accompany this festival of flavors, we present a variety of gluten-free products where our sweet and savory pancakes stand out to take with you at any meal of the day, thus making your visit a complete experience.  

With the belief that every drop counts, we also offer organic coffee, with the option of combining it with whole milk of animal or vegetable origin such as oat, almond or coconut. Thus, we offer you a wide palette of flavors that fit your preferences. 

Because taking care of our planet is a shared responsibility, we commit to ecology in every aspect of our service. From the moment you set foot in our establishment until you take away your prized juices or smoothies, you can rest easy knowing that the cups and straws are biodegradable. This is our small gesture to contribute to the well-being of the environment. 

So, with a smile, we invite you to enter the enchanted world of SÓCSUC. Where every sip, every bite, is an invitation to delight and a commitment to quality. 

Welcome to SÓCSUC!