SÓCSUC Products

Discover an oasis of flavors at SÓCSUC, fresh fruit juices and smoothies in Port de la Selva, Girona.

Specializing in the creation of exquisite juices and smoothies with fruit and vegetables, each sip transports you to a fresh and healthy experience. 

Freshness is our trademark, preparing everything right in front of you to guarantee proximity and excellence. 

To accompany these juices, we present a variety of sweet and savory products made by us, where the pancakes also made on the spot stand out. 

On the other hand, we propose 3 proposals for picnic boxes to take comfortably in a bag or rucksack.

Juices 1 fruit

Cold Pressed Juices

Fruit smoothies


Picnic Boxes

Picnic boxes are made to order. Call beforehand on the phone 667846017.